Come To Me

It is that time of year when you come to school in the mornings wearing dresses with tights, socks, boots, big sweaters, scarves, and light gloves. But then when you leave to go home you find your self wearing, a dress and maybe the boots you had on earlier. It may just be Richmond's weather, but global warming is trippy and tricky. 
So in the honor of weird weather, comes fashion blogs and posts. Here goes nothing. 

I love wearing flouncy circle skirts, especially like this one, it is gold and yellow luminescent in the light!
Skirt: American Apparel $50

Healed booties with ankle socks are VERY in nowadays. As are buttoned (or in my case ZIPPERED) all the way up to the collar, with a statement piece, whether it be a scarf or necklace, or like I did, both!
Booties: Old Navy $24
Socks: Christmas Stocking Stuffer
Necklace: My grandmas
Scarf: Thrifted
Glasses: Cole Haan $2 -thrifted

It don't matter if your black or white!
I like to match things like a cropped blazer  with a high wasted skirt, and have a collared shirt peak out at the sleeves and neck. It gives a pop of color and fun while the blazer plays it up to be sophisticated. 
Blazer: Anthropology $10 -sale room
(thats the only way to go Anthropology, through the sale room)
Shirt: Thrifted $3

Im ready.
~Come to me spring time~

"No matter how long the winter, spring time will always follow, you just have to turn your face to see the sun."


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