Cause When You're Fifteen

On the twenty-eighth, I was officially fifteen years of age. It feels good to finally be closer to the age of acceptance. Only meaning that fourteen sounds so much younger than fifteen, and sixteen, man you are in the prime time teenage light. But until then, I am fifteen. The Friday two days before my birthday, I had a get together soiree with my friends.
Each of us got dressed up and went to Brio, an Italian restaurant that I love. It was so much fun, I ordered the Carbonara, {pasta} it was delicious, and did not disappoint seeing how it was my birthday and how could they even manage to mess up my favorite menu item on my birthday?!

I really liked the group of people that were there. Last year I was only budding my friendship with Lucy during my birth month. Just a year later I'm so happy she was able to come. Despite our age difference, I am still able to stay close with her. 

At long last! My best friend Katie, could finally come to my party! Through all the years Katie is a busy girl and is can rarely subject herself to social events. But thats why I love her! No matter if she is on a church retreat, we only have one academic class together, or if she is traveling with her family... She will always be my sister and best friend. 

 This is the entire gang {minus Von} at the table. Sadly, my good friend Von was unable to come. Earlier that day there was a snow storm, but my party still stayed strong! unfortunately Von was unable to come to the party, due to the snow in her neighborhood, traffic was stopped and roads were undrivable. 

Snap shot of the birthday girl! 

Or should I say, birthday... {GIRLS!} New to my school this year, an immediate best friend, Ally Go. We were both born on the twenty-eighth of January. We are basically twins. We thought long and hard about having a combined birthday party but then realized, it's so much more fun to have two parties, more things to go to!

Birthday Twins!

There always has to be a plus one at a party, or at least a stranger to show up to tell you to turn down that ruckus. Because you know, our party of seven was so crazy. Well at this fete, our visiter was {Louis Tomlinson!} Sort of... But such a surprise, turning a corner and seeing him there. 

We were all crazy for Louis. 

Apres all the dinner and fun, at home we opened presents and at cake and ice cream. Yumalicious!

It was such a fun night, and I really love all of my friends, thank you for letting me have such a fabulous birthday. 


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