Thursday, February 28, 2013
Come To Me

Come To Me

It is that time of year when you come to school in the mornings wearing dresses with tights, socks, boots, big sweaters, scarves, and light gloves. But then when you leave to go home you find your self wearing, a dress and maybe the boots you had on earlier. It may just be Richmond's weather, but global warming is trippy and tricky. 
So in the honor of weird weather, comes fashion blogs and posts. Here goes nothing. 

I love wearing flouncy circle skirts, especially like this one, it is gold and yellow luminescent in the light!
Skirt: American Apparel $50

Healed booties with ankle socks are VERY in nowadays. As are buttoned (or in my case ZIPPERED) all the way up to the collar, with a statement piece, whether it be a scarf or necklace, or like I did, both!
Booties: Old Navy $24
Socks: Christmas Stocking Stuffer
Necklace: My grandmas
Scarf: Thrifted
Glasses: Cole Haan $2 -thrifted

It don't matter if your black or white!
I like to match things like a cropped blazer  with a high wasted skirt, and have a collared shirt peak out at the sleeves and neck. It gives a pop of color and fun while the blazer plays it up to be sophisticated. 
Blazer: Anthropology $10 -sale room
(thats the only way to go Anthropology, through the sale room)
Shirt: Thrifted $3

Im ready.
~Come to me spring time~

"No matter how long the winter, spring time will always follow, you just have to turn your face to see the sun."



Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

You're either stuck in slow motion during rush hour, or driving in the fast lane jammin' out to any "summer" playlist, no matter what the month. Well life is a highway driving in the fast lane, that is if you are in a '77 Ford Bronco named "Ginger"

Only the proper way to drive...
To Be or Not To Be

To Be or Not To Be

some kind of cult where people sit in small homes and eat nothing but nuts all day. 

Well... not quite. It's more like...

a diet that consists of anythings, except; meat, dairy, eggs, leather, wool etc. Anything coming form an animal is absolutely off limits. 

When people ask about it, first thing, "Is it hard?" honestly, no not all all. For some people yes, it may very well be the hardest thing that they will ever come across, but what about when you see all the movies, read the books... what about when you actually know how they treat the animals on "farms". Now I will not get into any sort of rant (even though with this topic it is so SO easy) But on the other end, I want to say some of the vegan delicacies that I have discovered, like Cookies + Cream Cupcakes from "Pearls". 

They are thick, but creamy and dare I say it... moist! The frosting is to die for. But think about this, putting a label on it that says "Vegan" can really turn a person off. Well I guess more for me!

Reflecting celebrating the vegans in the world, 
The quote of the day:
"If a man earnestly seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food"
-- Count Leo Tolstoy (1829-1910)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Gosh, I really am sorry, I am the worst blogger ever! You know... all those followers that I have... ANYWAY! I'm back in business :) Although just some bad news, I will be blogging all this weekend, but for the next week I will not have my computer and will not be able too. Next week is a school program called "XTerm" I am pretty excited but we will see how it goes, previous year partakers had not enjoyed the experiences. But whether it is horrid or extravagant, Spring break is the week after that!! In all honesty, we do not know what we are doing yet. So that is interesting, Spring Break no plans? I was always {ALWAYS} the kid who stayed home over spring break. Can I tell you that never have I EVER been on a trip for spring break that is not related to visiting either my grandma or aunt? Never. Never have I ever been out of the country, who knows maybe a surprise is awaiting me ;)

So not much has happened in the past MONTH that I have not blogged, everything is pretty much great! Katie and I have not hung out in a really long time, and I am glad that I will be able to hang out with my favorite person ever this weekend :)

Best Friends Forever!

Nothing really new though, just the same old same old wake up, go to school, eat, procrastinate, sleep, repeat. Ann Prideaux has started driving me to school in the mornings which is super fun because she has a super cool car and she is my really good friend. She is a senior. I have noticed that now right as I begin to become close with the seniors, they just have to go off to college, I mean really? College? What's that all about. Whatever... But I would have to say that in the senior class, while they think that they are intimidating and scary, really they are super cool and role models... well some of them. Ann is extremely smart, and nice to everyone, funny, and I look up to her a lot. Maddy Mallory, basically my older sister, she is actually the perfect combination of everything. They are both so understanding and WHY DO THEY HAVE TO LEAVE?

On that note, the quote of the day is:
"Though miles may lie between us we are never far apart, for friendship does not count the miles, that are measured by the heart."

Saturday, February 2, 2013
Cause When You're Fifteen

Cause When You're Fifteen

On the twenty-eighth, I was officially fifteen years of age. It feels good to finally be closer to the age of acceptance. Only meaning that fourteen sounds so much younger than fifteen, and sixteen, man you are in the prime time teenage light. But until then, I am fifteen. The Friday two days before my birthday, I had a get together soiree with my friends.
Each of us got dressed up and went to Brio, an Italian restaurant that I love. It was so much fun, I ordered the Carbonara, {pasta} it was delicious, and did not disappoint seeing how it was my birthday and how could they even manage to mess up my favorite menu item on my birthday?!

I really liked the group of people that were there. Last year I was only budding my friendship with Lucy during my birth month. Just a year later I'm so happy she was able to come. Despite our age difference, I am still able to stay close with her. 

At long last! My best friend Katie, could finally come to my party! Through all the years Katie is a busy girl and is can rarely subject herself to social events. But thats why I love her! No matter if she is on a church retreat, we only have one academic class together, or if she is traveling with her family... She will always be my sister and best friend. 

 This is the entire gang {minus Von} at the table. Sadly, my good friend Von was unable to come. Earlier that day there was a snow storm, but my party still stayed strong! unfortunately Von was unable to come to the party, due to the snow in her neighborhood, traffic was stopped and roads were undrivable. 

Snap shot of the birthday girl! 

Or should I say, birthday... {GIRLS!} New to my school this year, an immediate best friend, Ally Go. We were both born on the twenty-eighth of January. We are basically twins. We thought long and hard about having a combined birthday party but then realized, it's so much more fun to have two parties, more things to go to!

Birthday Twins!

There always has to be a plus one at a party, or at least a stranger to show up to tell you to turn down that ruckus. Because you know, our party of seven was so crazy. Well at this fete, our visiter was {Louis Tomlinson!} Sort of... But such a surprise, turning a corner and seeing him there. 

We were all crazy for Louis. 

Apres all the dinner and fun, at home we opened presents and at cake and ice cream. Yumalicious!

It was such a fun night, and I really love all of my friends, thank you for letting me have such a fabulous birthday.