We'll Be Sitting On Top Of The World

take the rope and climb
close your eyes
love will take you high
We'll be sitting on top of the world
you and I were born to rise
hold on tight
sitting on top of the world
I hear the wind in the trees
weak in the knees
you're holding me close
so elevated
you wanna jump
why you waiting
let's rick it all
risk the fall tonight
we will be
you and I 
we will be
sitting on top of the world

     What are you doing on your Saturday night? Most people are with friends, at a party, sleepover, whatever. While I sit at home and pull out my curtains, spotlight, face paint, frilly dresses and the 'ol self timer on my camera. Once I talked to a man who had never been to a high school or college party or any social event, and never saw people on the weekends. People thought that he was antisocial, really it was every weekend that he flew to Florida for dance and rollerblading competitions. He was dedicated, and never had a free moment for other people. It's Saturday night, most of us are out, my siblings both are. However, I am at home having a self photo shoot, just waiting for someone to read my blog and find me and ask me to model or sing for them. I want to get noticed. Until that day, I sit in my room, take selfies and sing covers. Ill be up their someday, one day, ill be known by the world. ∞


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