Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Monday, January 21, 2013


"It don't matter if you're black or white..." Said by ever so famous Michael Jackson, and he spoke the truth not only in his songs but also in the color of his skin. We went from black to white, now that is a statement. You know who else made a statement? Martin Luther King Jr. He had a dream that one day we would all come together and be accepted as one and not the little things like the color of our skin or gender. Today to honor that, I worked as a community with the Boys and Girls Club.
We played games, did crafts, and bonded. A lot of the children from the Boys and Girls Club are underprivileged. We didn't all look the same, we didn't have the same skin tone or hair style, but we all worked together, and that's just what Dr. King wanted. Not only a day well spent, but a day set up for a lifetime, I learned a lot about helping others, and coming together as a community. I would have never thought that I would become friends with these children, Dr. King talked about meeting strangers and how you would never know or even think to go up to them until you do. Thank you Dr. King for letting us come together and except our differences and treat them with equality. In loving memory. 

It's Been a While

It's Been a While

I realize it has been over a week since I have last blogged, sorry about that! I have been rather busy. School has been going well, ampersand... better. I am really loving going to ampersand everyday after school. My good friend Ally Go is in Ampersand, and I get to help out in the shop and on stage with my brothers friends, who are veering towards being my friends a little more.

What can I say, I am kinda lovable. teehee

Other than that, me weeks have been basic, movie marathon sleepovers and lazy days. But that's just the way I like it.
Sunday, January 6, 2013
Rev Up That Engine

Rev Up That Engine

Starting school back up after Christmas break has always been hard, in that case, here are some tips to get your engine revved back up for the new year.

1. Dont stress yourself out:
just stay happy and healthy, it is a fresh slate completely new grades, new classes, maybe some new teachers. Who knows... new boys? Everything will pan out just the way that you want it to, you just have to slow down and take it easy. 

2. Clothes: like getting dressed for the first day of school is hard enough, it's also after Christmas and you have gotten plenty of new things that you want to show off. Well, don't. How I see it people come back to school wearing head to toe complete new outfits, wearing to many accessories and things that don't work together, just because they want to show off all of their new things. But then that way you wont have anything else new to wear the next week. Why would you want to do that? You can tell when people have the post-christmas-junk-look. Don't let that be you, wear a new hat, or new shoes with other things that you have owned. Then the next day wear old things, you want to divi it out, and not clump it up. Keeping it fresh and always something new.

3. Teachers: the way that teachers see us is weird, it's like they have some sort of other world their in where it's okay to pic favorites, grade papers randomly and not make sense, be moody and have a power that just never seems fair. And yes they are the teacher but just try to stay on their good side. Do what ever you can, without becoming a try hard teachers pet, to make them happy. To show a teacher that you care, is not bring them shining apples, but to deliver good grades a positive attitude and always participate. It's a new year, so step up in your classes, not only will it help you with teachers but also with your grades. 

4. Kick the negativity: 
I realized last semester in Morning Chorale, which may be my least favorite class that if you learn to enjoy it, it will move faster and become more fun. Instead of dreading the moment, put a smile on and pay attention to what is going on. Even if that smile is plastered on with super glue it will help you with an open mind that will make time fly faster and information soak in more clearly. If you are groaning and giving up while taking notes, don't quit and cry about it, be apart of the class and ask questions, everything helps in the long run.

5. Make the Smart Choice: Personally, my health is awful, I eat nothing but carbs and desserts and rely on my metabolism to do the rest. I don't exercise or do any sports and that has got to stop. Eating poorly and treating your body in a lazy way sends bad messages to your mind. If your happy healthy and exercised, your brain and heart will be too. That's why I am this year I am going to drop the Tuesday Friday sugar cookie and Will Abbott white bread tower, and pick up a salad with many colors and variety and go on a run. I am not bothered by my weight at all because I love my body, I just don't think that the inside is very happy and in the long run I would like to keep my figure just the way it is, rather than those cookies and bread catching up with me. So if you make the smart choice of your food and exercise then your mind and body will thank you, and prove it to you with your educational performance.

6. Procrastination: Get off Facebook, good. Now give me your phone, good. And your iPod, alright. What? are you making a movie? no. Get out of the TV room, thank you. Chose your outfit for tomorrow after you finish your homework! Sweep aside the distractions and get the studies in action, second semester, procrastination is not an option. This has always been a problem for me. I have made a schedule for my after school activities and I am prepared to stay focused, on top and ready for anything in school. My plan is that I am going to workout everyday after school in the school work out room, then come home, tidy up my room (if this becomes an everyday thing, then room should generally never get messy) do hardest to easiest homework first {prioritize}, then study for quizzes or tests. This way I am ready to face the year and never be missing a paper, forget about a quiz, or not study hard enough. There is no real reason that anyone should ever be on social network sites or playing with non school things. After completing homework that is due the next day, get ahead or keep studying. There is nothing better than the feeling of being able to answer all the questions in class, and get them right. Just keep studying until dinner and bed. This sounds crazy, but it's the number one way to keep your grades at A's. 

I hope these help, or at least give you a rough idea of what you think your next semester year should look like. Stay happy healthy smart and in good shape for the new year. Since I wont procrastinate, this will be my last blog until Friday {maybe} 

Saturday, January 5, 2013
We'll Be Sitting On Top Of The World

We'll Be Sitting On Top Of The World

take the rope and climb
close your eyes
love will take you high
We'll be sitting on top of the world
you and I were born to rise
hold on tight
sitting on top of the world
I hear the wind in the trees
weak in the knees
you're holding me close
so elevated
you wanna jump
why you waiting
let's rick it all
risk the fall tonight
we will be
you and I 
we will be
sitting on top of the world

     What are you doing on your Saturday night? Most people are with friends, at a party, sleepover, whatever. While I sit at home and pull out my curtains, spotlight, face paint, frilly dresses and the 'ol self timer on my camera. Once I talked to a man who had never been to a high school or college party or any social event, and never saw people on the weekends. People thought that he was antisocial, really it was every weekend that he flew to Florida for dance and rollerblading competitions. He was dedicated, and never had a free moment for other people. It's Saturday night, most of us are out, my siblings both are. However, I am at home having a self photo shoot, just waiting for someone to read my blog and find me and ask me to model or sing for them. I want to get noticed. Until that day, I sit in my room, take selfies and sing covers. Ill be up their someday, one day, ill be known by the world. ∞

Friday, January 4, 2013
So Long... For Now

So Long... For Now

Today we boarded on a flight back to our abode in Richmond, Virginia. We woke up at five am, because our flight was at eight and we were about half an hour away. The airport was crazy, long lines, feet hurting from standing and holding so much, mean people. It was bad. But eventually, we were in the air.

Love you San Francisco, the photo-oops, memories, laughs, hills, sights to see, everything. Until next time...
You’re Going To ALCATRAZ

You’re Going To ALCATRAZ

HA! YOU HAVE BEEN IMPRISIONED, that’s what you get… you know what you did don’t act so clueless, I mean please. Yesterday we went to the ‘super prison’ “Alcatraz” don’t worry we are fine we just got caught for out few murders that’s all… just kidding, don’t get too scared. In the late 1800’s-1900’s there was a prison formed on a small 22 acre island of solid rock, called “Alcatraz” it held the most powerful, reckless and dangerous convicts and criminals of America. Before the prison Alcatraz is know as, it was a military prison, soldiers, prisoners of war, but later took offenders of all around the country. 


At first Alcatraz had extremely tough rules, no talking, ever, no visitors, ever. Over time these rules were sought upon, inmates could talk and have visitors once a month. Cells seven feet tall, five wide and nine long; tiny, that is what the average prisoner lived in, with a “bed”, shelf, chair, sink and toilet. But if one were to do something bad or out of order they got put in the “hole” smaller, with not bars, but a concrete room with a steel door, when shut: complete darkness. Some were in the hole for a day or so, others four or five. 

Prison Cell

Everyday prisoners got to go to recreational yard where they could play baseball, dominos, bridge. Bridge was particularly popular, even if it was pouring rain they always looked forward to a game of bridge. If one were to be in the hole or solitary consignment they could only go into the yard once a week. People said that living in Alcatraz was like you were already dead. So why stay? While everyone is extremely curious, escape. Did anyone ever escape? Of course, at least they tried. A rather famous escape is so famous it’s plainly called “The Escape of Alcatraz”. Four men have been longing to escape for years upon years, they were even in the same prison before they got shipped to Alcatraz, two brothers and two friends. All smart, and were in cells right next to each other. They came up with a plan, one man discovered one day a grated vent in his cell that had a tunnel of pipes all in it. But how would he fit through it? Well one day at lunch he smuggled a spoon, a spoon, how do you get through concrete walls with a spoon? They certainly managed. So they made this hole but then thought, how on earth are they going to get across the bay? The bay was ripping and rushing with dangerous tides and is so cold it could numb anyone in a split second. They found and add on how to make a raft, they took raincoats from other inmates and stole many, made a raft and lifejackets. Another problem, every night and day 10 times a day there is a head count of all the prisoners, to make sure everyone is there. Geniuses, they used the old concrete dust and dirt from the hole carving and combined it with soap to make fake heads. They looked crude, but sticking out of the covers they looked like a sleeping head. So one night everything was in place, the men were ready to escape, except for one. Poor guy couldn’t fit through the hole. He had to stay. They crawled through the hole and up some pipes to the roof, they could see San Francisco, so close. Without making a sound, they made it to the shore where there raft was. Some say they drowned, they were never found. I think they made it. What about you?

What remains of the Wardens house

A note from written by Saunders apparently in my perspective:
My favorite inmate was “Bumpy” Johnson. He pushed a heck-of-a-lot of narcotics. Quick aside: Turns out narcotics are Drugs!!! I’d been playing with them for years with my friends!
A Therapeutic View Of China Town from Coit Tower

A Therapeutic View Of China Town from Coit Tower

First of all sorry I haven’t blogged in a couple of days just because things have been a bit crazy for me because I have been sick! Bedridden! Absolutely dreadful, but I’m better now, kind of. Alright... 

On Monday the 31st (New Year’s Eve!) we went to a place called “China Town” you have most likely heard of it, lots of big cities have a China Town tear. The first part was all tourist haven! San Francisco stuff everywhere, like everywhere. But once you got into it the tourist junk vanished, not really… It was all fun and games until you eat bad Chinese food, now this doesn’t happen to just anyone, but always to me. And you are wondering why I haven’t blogged in a few days? Yeah, right. It was the worst feeling ever, started with and ear ache, then throwing up then migraines, yeah so I am never eating Chinese food ever ever again. Unless it is Mai Wu who is cooking it. So much walking, so many smells, smokers, dirty, some things that I don’t particularly like too much. But it was fun all together, I mean hey I got some post cards and my name written in Chinese so woo. And a really old guy who forced me to love him and call him ‘Uncle’ gave me dating advice! Yeah, he was a freak, extremely uncomfortable.

While on a long walking journey, up and down the treacherously steep hills of San Fran, we came across the “Coit Tower” we had to wait in a long line, and then take an elevator up to the top, but it was awesome!  Took tons of pictures, so fun. The view from the top is absolutely beautiful and alluring.

The moment when I started feeling sick, we went thrifty! We went to a quirky store called “Therapy” so many different things but retro, fun and funky. There were items from clothes, shoes and accessories to magnets, clocks, pitchers, and radios. Similar to Mongrol (sp?) in Cary Town, Richmond, just a lot more girly. I got a book {coloring book}, guilty, one is NEVER too old for a good coloring book, I mean really. And some bracelets for a friend back home. We had the same ones, but then they broke so I thought it be cute if I got a replacement one. Through all the fun shopping, the time after “Therapy” {this is ironic} I got really sick.