The Hair Bow

     This is most definitely one of my favorite hairstyles of all time. I love going out, and once I have gotten good at the technique, quickly putting it up and showing it off. Having everyone be so amused by the unique hairstyle. It is so quirky and very suiting with bangs or deep parts. Next time you are out with some friends, {or the pops for some real amusement} whip up this hairstyle and be the glam diva you were born to be.
     So if you didn't get that... first brush out all of your hair completely, better safe than knotted. pull hair into a high ponytail bun with the tail in the front of your head. Split the bun in half (two parts) and follow the tail unto the back of the bun and pin with a hair colored bobby pin. Feel free to fluff up the bow as much as desired, personally I like mine fluffy and perky. Have fun :)

~xoxo olivia~


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