San Francisco, CA, USA

Sorry This Might Take a While I Can't See My Fingers...

Today we visited up with our old next door neighbors for lunch; Fancy Nancy and Uncle Mondo. {That's what we call them} So we arrived at around 12:15-30 and only expecting to stay until about 2... not quite. We got there and the house smelled amazing, Fancy was making not only one pizza but two, delicious pasta paninis (spelling?) and a salad with homemade dressing, well everything was homemade. Oh and did I forget the part where they are Italian...? But their house was beautifully decorated, Fancy is so creative and artistic, she has so many cool ideas for decorating the house, and especially since Christmas time, all the more merry!! So above are just some pictures that I took from their house, so that will give you a taste {get it? cause we ate lunch... maybe not... thats okay} of the kind of glitzy fun style they have. And they have this cat that is feisty and extremely photogenic. So yeah, I think I ate five times my body weight, and I loved every bite


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