Monday, February 4, 2019
Social Media Setbacks and Stress

Social Media Setbacks and Stress

Below is a quick rant on how I'm feeling regarding social media.
It is time consuming and I want out, but at the same time I love it.

Here's the thing. I've been on social media a little over seven years. At first it was all for fun and games, a few years passed and I had gained some success, but honestly now I am at a total stand still.

I have been so busy with school and with the stress of trying to gain social media momentum when nothing is going annnyyywhereeee, I'm thinking what's the point?
Every year I have done a little segment called "The Birthday Chronicles" where I have made a birthday bucket list and posted everyday of me doing those things. This year that just didn't happen. I have been on and off of Instagram in the past few weeks as well.

There are pros and cons to this.

Pros being that I don't spend as much time mindlessly scrolling when I am bettering my time and that I like not being on my phone as much.

Cons? SO many unfortunate cons.

1. I'm constantly missing important messages that I need about photoshoot opportunities, monetized work related things, etc.
2. My engagement is going downnnnn, which obviously isn't ideal
3. This is my job, my instagram is my brand, my blog is my job, you get it. But if I don't put in the work how am I going to get anywhere?
 It's a constant cycle of just being screwed. I try, I really do, I do all the things that the business influencers say, I really try it all. And yet I get nowhere!

At this point it is a career question. Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? Do I need to highly maintain this platform in order to even get the career I desire?!

I'm taking a business of marketing class right now, and it's nothing but stress. Stressers include but are not limited to: how you have to be consistent, post everyday, have a super active social media presence, have the perfect business cards that will lead clients to the perfect website with a zillion other perfect social platforms.

When does it end? Is my social media presence not enough? Will I ever get hired? Why can't I just delete Instagram and live at peace with that and still get hired at the best summer internship in New York leading me to the best of the best career after I graduate?!
This is a rant. Obviously.

Who knows who will or will not see this, as it is my numbers are dropping so rapidly, where in the mix do I even care anymore? Oh right, because social media, my blog, youtube, instagram and all that is what I'm passionate about and what I love to do... right.

To whomever said, "Do what you love, then you'll never work a day in your life." That is a lie, I work and I work hard. It's frustrating, time consuming and draining, do I love it though? yes.

That's all for now.
Do you find yourself struggling to find the healthy balance of social media?
Thursday, January 31, 2019
21 AT 21

21 AT 21

Okay, so my birthday was Monday, BUT I'm still celebrating!
I actually have been celebrating all week with friends leading up to tomorrow night when I'm throwing my birthday party! It's dancing queen themed and I could not be more excited! We are going to have a disco ball and bell bottoms and EVERYTHING! Cannot wait!

But wow, 21?! How did this happen. I have never been a huge drinker, and technically that's the main milestone when you turn 21, but honestly I've just been equating it to being a real full time adult. Like a why is your room still so messy, stop going to bed at 4am kind of adult! Love that for me. Love the stress that is yet to come with all things adulting!

I am going to post all about my Birthday Chronicles probably tomorrrrrowww... Today I just wanted to share with you 21 things that I am excited about for my year of 21!
1. Continuing my self love journey- Because you can never love yourself too much

2. Writing more- Not just journaling, but poems and stories, I used to write all the time and I want to get back into it! I'm at a place in my life where I know I'll want to look back on!

3. Traveling- 20 was a big travel year too with Hong Kong and all, but this year I'm going to Europe for the first time ever and am BEYOND excited to explore over there

4. Moving to France- but specifically, moving to France when I study abroad again this spring. Lacoste, France to be specific!

5. Living with my best friends- I'm already doing this now, yes, but I'm loving every second of it and am excited for it to continue all year long!

6. Dating- Because I'm single for the first time since early high school and it's FUN just meeting new people and seeing where it goes!

7. Getting an internship for sure. For sure.
8. Going to fancy bars and drinking colorful cocktails- I may not be a heavy drinker, the photo above shows that pretty well... But I am a sucker for an aesthetically pleasing cocktail

9. Growing a healthily on social media- I REALLY want to boost my growth this year, but in a non-back breaking, organic way

10. Celebrating all the little things- There is nothing better than getting excited over something seemingly small. So many things in life are worth celebrating!

11. Singing at the top of my lungs- Because what's better than a windows down, music up kind of ride?

12. Making conscious decisions- I am a very go with the flow kind of person, or at least I'm telling myself I am, but I would like to do things more with intentions and be more aware of what it is I am doing.

13. Being a supportive, loving friend- My friends have always been so good to me, and I want to always be there for them no matter what as well. Not that I haven't in the past, it's just something I want to continue to do

14. Biking at sunrise- Because why not?
15. Working on learning a new language- Well technically I took french for 9 years, but I know NOTHING! However I'm working on it so when I do move to France, I'm not going in completely clueless

16. Enjoying valuable family time- Now that we are all getting older this is rare! I want to enjoy every chance I can get

17. Moving into our new house- My parents are FINALLY done with their house renovations and are ready to move in, when I'm home, I'm VERY excited to be living there!

18. Growing my hair out- My impulsive side says otherwise, but we'll see how far I can go

19. Dancing until my feet fall off- Again, because why not?

20. Falling in love over and over and over- With myself, with my world, with my friends, with boys, with everything, because love is the best thing anyone can experience. I'm filling 21 with LOVE!

21. Celebrating ME every chance I get! Because I'm vain and that's okay, I recognize my worth and I want to celebrate that! Three cheers to me!
And that's all folks! I'm SO excited for this year, so many wonderful things await me! Here's to it! Xo, O
Monday, January 21, 2019


Hello! Today is January 21st, in exactly one week I will be 21!!!!!! WILD! So 18, sure big deal, you're an "adult." 20, yeah, whatever you're like "a little more adult", but TWENTY ONE?! That's like full throttle, no turning back, stop asking for grocery money, get a job why don't you adult!!!

And although I am STILL terrible at money management (can't stop, won't stop buying cookie dough brownies from the coffee shop next to my apartment, sorry not sorrryyyyy) and that whole part of adulting scares the living daylights out of me, I cannot WAIT TO BE A REAL TIME BIG SHOT ADULT!

It's only ONE week away! I don't even like alcohol and don't really drink that much but you better believe I'm going to be drinking some kind of fancy thing and slapping my ID on the table like I own the place. Check it baby, it's legal. 
SO! seeing as it's one week out, today is the day we start the iconic BIRTHDAY CHRONICLES! 
For those of you who are new around here, I have been doing The Birthday Chronicles ever since I started my blog, basically it is a mini bucket list of some simple, some more exciting things I want to get done, one everyday before my birthday. 

I used to do it for my entire birth month, but that was intense, sooooo one week it is! 
Let's get into it.
1. INDULGE in cookie dough brownies
2. Explore uncharted territory
3. Wear all the colors of the rainbow
4. Take some out of the box photos
5. Have an AWESOME 21st birthday photoshoot
6. Sing ABBA songs at karaoke
7. Drink a fancy cocktail and get carded! ;-)

LET'S DO THIS! 21 here we COME! xo, O!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
HELLO 2019

HELLO 2019

Happy New Year!! Although I've taken a little bit of a break from blogging, vlogging and social media since the new year, I'm back!! I just needed some time to get back in the zone with moving back to school, starting classes, and alllllll that jazz. I'm in Savannah and I'm feeling good! Honestly better than I have in a while!

I thought I would share with you some goals for myself for 2019. Less of resolutions, more of overall goals and aspirations if that makes sense. I don't want to push myself too hard or set unobtainable expectations for myself, that way there is less disappointment at the end of the year when those things don't get done, haha! Makes sense right? Okay let's get started!

(these photos are just a mix of things I've taken over the last week!)
1. Exercise transparency
Lately a lot of the blogging world has become a bit more upfront about their real lives outside of the blogosphere, which I really, really like. That being said I do think there should be some sort of line of what gets published and what doesn't, I just think it's important to share at least some of the good, bad, and the ugly.

There is such a stigma against bloggers for being fake, and only showing the highlight reel. My life isn't all confetti, disco balls, and rainbow patterns, I want to share with you more about my life, of course in addition to sponsored posts and fun photoshoots, but just some more content that is genuinely me.
2. Work on being more CONSISTENT! 
Blogging is a LOT of work, all the social medias, YouTube and all that, but it's so much fun. This year when my blog went dark for a while during my time abroad due to domain issues, I got so off track.

I've made clear schedules and want to really work towards being consistent with my posting. It will be a lot of work, but it's worth the work, it's my job, it's what I love to do!
3. Radiate positivity
I want to focus on not only my personal happiness, but others' as well! I'm going to complement more people, tell more silly jokes, and do more small acts of kindness. I want to do as much as I can to spread joy throughout others! Because who couldn't use a little more!?
This is a simple one. I need to stop getting into my work at FOUR A.M! I need to just go to bed at reasonable hours and wake up early. I literally will go to bed at 3 and then wake up at 7:45, that's gotta stop...
5. Bet better with money
This is also a logistical one, but I SERIOUSLY need help on how to be better with money, I'm the worst at it! Especially with going to France this year and hopefully working an internship in some other city this summer where I know I'll want to try all the trendy dessert places and all that money wasting stuff haha!!!

Any tips to being more financially stable? lol

That's it for me this year! Like I said, keeping things light, I have a lot going on this year so I don't want to overwhelm myself! I think this is good! Do you have resolutions/goals for 2019?

Here's to the new year! I already have a feeling it will be amazing :-)
xo, O
Sunday, December 30, 2018


OH MY GOSH! THIS YEAR! This year has been by FAR my favorite, and I know I say that every year, but that's the best part! That just means that my years keep getting better and better, which of course only means you already KNOW how excited I'm getting for 2019! BUT today instead of looking ahead to the new year, we are going to take a little trip down memory lane on how fabulous this past year has been!! Let's go!
In January I started the year off right, with celebration! My birthday is obviously the same day every year... soooo... this will never change, but it is ALWAYS a good time! This year I turned 20, which made me, a REAL adult, and let me tell you, adulting? HARD! Check out my birthday vlog below!
At this point I'm in the thick of things at SCAD in Savannah, working hard and hardly working at the same time. Who ever said multitasking wasn't a talent?! The highlight of this month though for SURE was my trip to Atlanta to see Lana Del Rey (+murals)! This trip was both a disaster and an amazing time, Lana and good avocado toast making it amazing, and literally everything else making it a disaster... That's what happens when you book the sketchiest hotel in the world, get a HORRIBLE speeding ticket, and get claustrophobic and have a little stress attack at the concert. Disasters make memories though, right? Right! 
March started out with my first ever trip to DISNEY! It was absolutely AMAZING! We went to celebrate John's birthday. I ate lots of Mickey shaped things, cried at the most incredible fireworks, and had the BEST time! I went when I was really little, but remember NOTHING, so I really treated this as my first time and loved every since second. Check out my vlog!
But March doesn't stop there, towards the end of the month I packed my just barely under 50 pound bags (which ended up getting lost for the first WEEK) and headed to HONG KONG! Where I studied abroad for my spring quarter at SCAD. It was a dream. It honestly doesn't even seem real. I made a second home there and want to go back everyday. Hong Kong, wow, no words for your wonders, no words. BUT! Lots of video ;)

In April, Michele (my bff from Hong Kong) and I took our first trip from Hong Kong to Taiwan!! It was a BLAST! Let me tell you, the food!?!? SO GOOD! Best food I've ever had honestly. We stayed in the weirdest all Hello Kitty themed Airbnb, had one very regrettable meal, and fought off unexpected tourist crowds, but had the best time ever. Wouldn't change it for the world, we had so much fun.
Here I am standing at the top of Taipei 101, one of the worlds tallest buildings with the worlds fastest elevator! Very nice views, however fast elevators up to 100+ floors just means insanely painful ear popping, you can't win them all I guess haha!!
MAY! Another FANTASTIC trip! We packed our bags in the city and Michele, Hannah, Tori and I headed to the beaches of none other than THAILAND! Phuket, Thailand to be exact! We ate heaps of pad thai, swam with not only the most beautiful tropical fish while snorkeling, but also with ELEPHANTS! What could be better than that?! Not much tbh... not much
Although my time in Hong Kong came to an end in the beginning of June, lots more was yet to come! The biggest thing in my opinion was my mega rebrand!! All Those Little Things became Olive Barrett after a brief shut down when my domain host said, "hey ya know what, we don't host blogs in Hong Kong, sorry!" *deletes blog* it was really tough! But luckily, in June, once I was back stateside, I brought her back and was better than ever!! Hello Olive Barrett :-)
In addition to that, I spent the week on Hilton Head Island with my best friends! We don't ever get to see each other during the year anymore, and hardly even during the summer, so this was an opportunity that couldn't be missed! We had so much fun!!

(literally everything in this post is me having so much fun, but of course it is, these are the highlights baby, go with it!!!)

Also I had pink hair for like... one HOT second.
That week I got stung by a jellyfish and wanted to die, here I am pouring vinegar on it, because supposedly that helps? I pretended like it did.
In July I headed up north where I shot my first ever wedding!!! 
It was SO beautiful, everyone had such a great time, and in my opinion... the photos turned out great, but maybe I'm just biased...
While up there, Matt and I snuck in a trip to New York where we went to Coney Island and ate LOTS of gooooood pasta. A fun weekend with good company :-)
Every August my family heads down to Nags Head, North Carolina for our annual beach trip. This year Ally came which was TOTALLY fun. The week consisted of messing around with the drone, ABBA dance parties, tipsy card games, breaking vegetarianism for crab cakes, and hunting for shooting stars, oh, and 

Sadly we found out that the owners of the house we rent every year sold the house, which means next year will probably be a little bit different. Here to hoping the best!
September rolled around marking the end of summer, and the start of my junior year. It's mind boggling to me that I'm a junior in college already. What's even weirder? Next year when I'm writing this I'll be a SENIOR! Time flies like no other!

This was my busiest quarter yet. I took on a larger corse load than allowed, and pulled many an all nighter. I briefly had and internship, and did lots of photoshoots. To say I spread myself too thin would be an understatemennnnttttt hahahahaha :'-) 
I finally moved off campus into an apartment!! And these are my roommates! From right to left, there I am (obviously), Kate, who studies fibers, Ana, who studies industrial design and accessory design, and Annie, who studies illustration. So John, the same guy from Disney, he is our real roommate, but he was studying in Lacoste this quarter so Annie was the subletter. She was the ideal subletter, a literal dream. Thank you Annie for being the actual best!!!
Randomly, for about a week and a half in October, we got a dog! Her name was Bassy, she was a pitbull mix one year old puppy and was WILD! We loved her with all our hearts, but it was just wayyy too much to handle. Like I said earlier, busiest quarter ever... It was a foster program so she just went back to the previous fosters (who was more than happy to take her) but hopefully she gets her forever home soon :-)
We also threw our first party!!! It was a Halloween party and totally fun! Everyone dressed up and the turn out was actually GREAT! And everyone left for the bars around 1am so there was nooooo commitment. It was perfect.

I didn't have any time really to make any YouTube videos this quarter, so here's the one I made that basically summed everything up.
The quarter ended in early-mid November and I headed home for winter break. The first thing on my list was my good blogger friend, Stephanie's wedding!! This was my first ever solo wedding. One where I'm neither related nor working, just there as a regular guest! Stephanie was an absolutely beautiful bride, and so was everything else to match! Congrats to the new couple <3
Since I had been home for a while, I was ready to shake things up, so natually, I headed to New York!! A group of my friends from SCAD went and we had heeeaaaaps of fun! Christmas in New York is not only cold... but SO lovely.

You can see my NYC montage in this video below :-)
And since I couldn't stay away..... Just this weekend for New Years Eve, Ally and I are in NEW YORK CITY!! AGAIN! So far we are having the best time. I can't wait to celebrate tonight with some shuffleboard and fireworks. We are staying with Ally's sister in Brooklyn and are remaining as far away from Manhattan today as possible. The crowds have already been so crazy, don't even want to imagine what it's like today on New Years Eve!!

Overall, this year has been incredible, truly incredible. I am grateful, satisfied and full to the brim with joy for what has happened and what is yet to come. Thank you to everyone who made this year as wonderful as it was. I owe it to you! 

Here's to memories, and cheers to making new ones... startiiinnnngggggggggg, now.
xo, O
These are some random stats from my year... Don't know how I'm beige, but I thought I'd leave it in there bc it's pretty funny...