Thursday, February 13, 2020


Today is my FAVORITE holiday of the year! I suppose minus Christmas, just because, dang, I can't be putting candy hearts above family time, something about that feels a little wrong... BUT minus Christmas, Valentine's Day it is by far my favorite. It really has been since I was a kid, I mean come on, what beats crafty shoeboxes filled with candy coated love letters from Jake from homeroom? He only sits one desk away but it feels like you're a world apart when he starts taking interest in Jenny Pulaski more when he finds out that full sized bars were more than just a day-after-Halloween thing in the lunchbox, but ALSO a Valentine's Day thing... Love can be tough, but it's moments like these learnt in our most formative years where we must accept the worlds one golden truth: Jake from homeroom will never be worth the value of a heart shaped gummy krabby patty.

That being said, considering how much of a high ticket item a heart shaped gummy krabby patty is, Valentine's Day must be worshiped, in hopes to once a year be graced with such delicacies.

What am I even getting at here? Yeah basically I love Valentine's Day. Here's one of my outfits!
As you all know, I try to shop mainly secondhand, or sustainably and ethically made. You probably also have noticed two things in these photos many times before. These shoes and this shirt.

I've had this shirt since I was a freshman in college and the shoes since before then! Both are from fast fashion companies. Purchased in a previous life when I was young, unaware, naive, foolish even. But let's be real, I LOVE THESE PIECES! They are some of my FAVORITES in my entire closet!
So why not wear the heck out of them! Sure I'm a blogger, I'm supposed to have all these new, trendy, fashionable things to show you, when in reality I rewear a LOT of the same things, why? Because I LOVE THEM!

And I LOVE being sustainable even more, getting my use out of something I already have, especially if it came from a fast fashion manufacturer is super important. We must be conscious about every purchase, and do our best to make the things we buy last! So wear them until  you can't anymore!
This Valentine's Day, besides showing your S.O. love, give love to some older pieces, forget going out to stores to buy a brand new VDay look, my guess is you've already got the perfect ensemble in your closet just waiting to be loved! I have faith in you! 

Happy Valentine's Day lovebugs! 
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Making 2020 POP!

Making 2020 POP!

HEY! Trying to figure out how to start this post, what to write, what to say... I know I want to mention something along the lines of, "hey, hey its 2020 let's kick it off with a pop, bang, boom!" Ya know something like that... Something about how I'm back at school, it's week two, things are already off to a good start, busy, but good.

I've got a LOT going on this quarter and a lot planned, for starters, classwork is insane, I have plenty of projects due, practically two in every class each week. In addition to that I want to grow my portfolio so I'm aiming to do a new photoshoot / creative project every week for that. I took some photos this past weekend that I'm very proud of, looking forward to sharing it with y'all!

Anyway, this post is short and sweet, but I basically just wanted to say hey, I've got a lot going on this month and I'm very excited to kick it off with a bang! Here's to us!
That's all for now... short and sweet as always xo, O

Monday, December 30, 2019


IT'S ALMOST 2020 WHAT ON EARTH! SO much is about to happen, BUT before that, let's take a look back on the fantastic year that 2019 has been! A year of travel and adventure, 2019 was one of my best yet. Let's see shall we?
Started the year off strong going back to school pretty early on, the first week on January or something like that, quarter system probs... As always the weather was beautiful in Savannah, surprisingly warm, we enjoyed some beach days, park days, and plenty of bike rides. In addition to having a car in Savannah for the first time, I proceeded to get PLENTY of parking tickets... definitely not a highlight of the year...
As I do every year, I celebrated my BIRTHDAY! I turned 21 this year and had an ABSOLUTE BLAST! Winter quarter wound up being a party-full few months. So being 21 definitely had it's advantages.
February kicked off with midterms and me being busier than ever. Regardless of all the fun I was having, this quarter was a TOUGH one, lots of work, many long nights, and just doing my best to get the job done while...
Still not knowing how to say, "no" and doing MANY photoshoots and fun collaborations with friends. Which although I do love, man oh man was I BUSY! I did get a lot of good blog content out of it though hhaha... that's always a perk.
The first bit of March we spent counting down the days until Kate and I flew abroad to ITALY for our spring break before we went to live in the south of France for spring quarter.
We went to Rome, Florence, and Venice!! We ate our weight in gnocchi and gelato and walked more than we ever expected, Rome tired us out for sure as did getting lost on literally every train we ever tried to take to get to our next destination. I loved every second.
Shortly after our Italy trip was LACOSTE!! We got settled, and fell in LOVE with our little medieval village in Provence. Taking drawing, fibers, and art history classes, I've never found more inspiration than when creating art in Lacoste.
Still in France, we had our school trip to Paris! However I went a weekend early to stay with Saunders for a little bit! He had been living in Paris since September, and I wanted to be able to spend time with him as well as getting a sense of the local vibe.
Paris was BEAUTIFUL! I've never been anywhere like it. Every street, every alley, and every building was so stunning. I could spend some serious time in Paris. That trip flew by WAY too fast.
Our parents met us in Paris towards the end of my school trip and then we went to NICE! Although I'm not much of a tennis fan myself, seeing the French Open in Monte Carlo was one of the cooler things we've all done I think we can agree. After spending a few days in Nice/Monte Carlo with the fam, we rented a car and drove along the coast back to Lacoste where I got to show the whole family (minus my sister, emma, rip she broke her leg) my special home away from home, Lacoste.
In May, some friends and I went back to Nice to celebrate Sophie's 21st birthday! We had a GREAT time! Ate some incredible food (more gnocchi and gelato of course...) did lots of window shopping, and went to some crazy bars and clubs. Europeans really know how to party!
I continued to really soak up every moment I had left in Lacoste as it was coming to a close. My favorite part of my time spent in Lacoste was my travel portfolio class, we went to new villages almost every class. Fontaine de Vaucluse was easily my favorite place, it was incredibly magical.
This is one of my favorite film photos from my whole collection of Lacoste film, Liam took it right before I got on the bus to leave Lacoste for the last time. The view of the valley behind me was soooo beautiful and looking at it one last time I was trying to hold back tears, yet still so full of joy with my love for Lacoste. It was hard to leave, but I'm so grateful for my time spent there.
After coming home from France I almost immediately got gum surgery, ew... but then I moved to Brooklyn! Where I'd be working an internship in New York all summer at Flagpole! I loved Brooklyn, I lived with my two friends Rachele and Gui, we had the best time together. I miss them so much!!
Still working hard at my internship, July was FULL of fun! I experienced Fourth of July in Brooklyn, we watched the fireworks from the perfect spot on top of a hill in DUMBO! Which was SO much fun.
I also went to my first Pride parade! Which was crazy because it was actually WORLD PRIDE! We had SO much fun, the parade was amazing and the whole day was so full of love and joy!
But in true Olivia form, I had a minor meltdown and had to escape New York for a little bit. Surprising my family, I came home for the weekend to get back to nature and slow things down for a bit. It was so nice to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, I really needed that refresher.
In August I wrapped up my internship and said goodbye to New York. I wanted to stay longer, but there was this whole thing with our apartment and we couldn't stay... That sounds sus but I promise it was just the Airbnb lease ending. I will really miss New York. I'm not sure what my plans are after school, but I'm sure I'll wind up there at some point and I cannot wait.
Time to head back to school! Ready to start my senior year! But wait... what's this?? Another HURRICANE?! For the citywide evacuation some friends and I fled to my roommate Ana's grandparents house in Highlands, North Carolina for almost a week! We had so much fun, did some hiking, did some swimming under waterfalls, and even visited Asheville and my old camp, Camp Merrie-Woode! It was the perfect prequarter vacation!
But then of course, school had to start at some point! So a week or so later, we were back in Savannah ready to start our SENIOR YEAR! And boy oh boy has it been a lot... Only one quarter in and so far fall quarter was the hardest, yet most fun yet! I'm looking forward to continuing it in a matter of DAYS! But NOT ready for it to finish! Yikes!!
Not much to say for October besides Halloween, which of course was fun, but WOW this month was just stacked with so much endless work and also the month from hell for my skin. Finally getting fully allergy tested, and to find out what? Not much honestly... This year has been very tough on my super sensitive skin. Hopefully soon I'll have answers!!
In November I headed home after the tough quarter and got to experience fall for a split second before going to New Orleans with our family for Thanksgiving! New Orleans was so so much fun, part of my dad's side of the family lives there. We had an absolute blast! We stayed in the Bywater neighborhood, it was colorful and full of so much life! We were only there for a week which simply was NOT enough! Hoping to make it a tradition for future Thanksgivings!
Again, for more quarter system probs, once I'm home for Thanksgiving I basically just stay home until the new year. So what a better way to fill my time than to get a job! I started work at Paper Source in the beginning of December for their holiday season and just finished up as I'm heading back to Savannah for the new year! It was fun! Despite the sore feet and back... it was fun!!
Besides work, I spent lots of time with family for the holidays which obviously was great as always! We did plenty of festive things from parties to seeing holidays lights! One of the best years with the family for sure...
Overall this year was spectacular! I'm SO looking forward to next year! I don't want to look too forward to next year in this post because I WILL be coming back in a few days with a post all about resolutions and looking forward and such. So thanks for looking back with me, com back soon to look forward!! Thank you all for a great year, see you next year ;-)  xo, O <3
Monday, December 16, 2019


Only 8 days until Christmas... yeah. Wait, what? Who knows, not me. I totally thought that over break I was going to have all the time in the world to get back on my blog game, actually finish the book I'm reading, do some sketching, totally clean out and reorganize my room, and you know, just get my life together all while ~*relaxing*~ but what ended up happening? I got a job, I film a new video basically everyday that brings far more stress to me than I had imagined, I have to help around the house, I'm hardly sleeping. How much of my book have a read? Practically none. How much of my room have I organized, oh, absolutely none. So Christmas is basically tomorrow and I still have zero gifts, waiting on that first paycheck, wahoowa, and have done nothing festive.

So here we are, it's New Years and I'm bringing you my first holiday look post. I wanted to do this a whole lot better, but life just got in the way. Curse you, life... Anyway, as always, I'm freaking obsessed with this dress, it's the light of my life, if I could wear one dress for the rest of my life and then promptly die in it it'd be this one yadda yadda yadda...
Saunders and I went to Quirk yesterday to take these photos and I simply got off of work too late and spent too long getting ready that we had lost all the natural light coming through the windows and had to make do with the weird lighting of the Quirk Hotel at a just barely 4:50pm sunset. I obviously wanted to shoot here because it's always been SO festive in the past (1, 2, 3) but for some reason this year there just weren't as many decorations. And on top of that we eventually got kindly kicked out unless we wanted to pay a photoshoot fee... that's new. But nonetheless we got what we needed, you've seen the dress, my new haircut has surfaced the face of the blog, and we've gotten at least ONE holiday shoot under our belts, so I'm as satisfied as I can be. I'll be back... I promise... but for now, SLEEP. xo, O